Trade School Wrens Nest logo - drawing of a Wren and the words "Wrens Nest Trade School"Trade School is a learning space which is open to all where people pay for classes with things like food, advice or objects, including second hand things. At Trade School anyone can teach a class.

Trade School Wrens Nest launches in April 2013 with activities on Monday 8 and Friday 12 April between 3pm and 6pm at Wrens Nest Community Centre. A newsletter was developed by the founders and delivered to houses on Wrens Nest and The Greens estates to promote the Trade School launch. A website has been set up on the international Trade School platform, though most bookings will be taken at the Community Centre.

Trade School Wrens Nest is organised by people from Wrens Nest for people on Wrens Nest. The group who have been planning the launch are called Trade School founders. Anyone can join the founders group.

Wrens Nest resident Ann Aston explains why local people wanted to try out Trade School as part of a wider approach to improving wellbeing on the estate by releasing the skills, passions and talents which people have:

We want to promote community spirit and see things change for the better. It is important that we do things for all ages. Trade School was a way to get things up and running.  We have also heard ideas from other places, like a place called the Living Room, funded by the community and run by volunteers where people can come and relax and chill. We’d like something like that on Wrens Nest. We want people to feel part of the community and get to know each other. Trade School is a step towards it.

Ann and others found out how to run a Trade School in January, as Donna wrote about here.

Postcard promoting Trade School, with a photo of three women and one child, saying Ann Aston will share flower arranging skills in exchange for postcards, pens, bookmarks and wool


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